New Judge to hear No Confidence matter, Ramdhani previous ruling not binding

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, OCTOBER 28TH 2014 (CUOPM) – The Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal has ruled that the Motion of No Confidence matter be hear by a new judge and that none of the “findings” of Mr. Justice Ramdhani in a recent ruling, would be binding on a new judge.

A statement Tuesday from the Office of the Attorney General, the Hon. Jason Hamilton, noted that on Monday October 27th 2014, the Court of Appeal dealt with the appeals brought by the Speaker and the Attorney General from the decision of Justice Ramdhani in the Motion of No Confidence matter.

“Dismissing the appeals, the Court of Appeal held that the case should now continue in the High Court to a full trial before a new judge. The Court of Appeal made it clear that none of the “findings” of Mr. Justice Ramdani would be binding before the new judge,” said the statement.

“The view of the Government is that the motion put forward by the opposition is a mere political ploy and not a Motion of No Confidence as prescribed by the legislation,” said the statement.

It added: “Whilst Justice Ramdhani’s judgement has been touted by the opposition as a vindication of their position, the Court of Appeal ruled that on the interlocutory application before him, he was only required to consider if the case brought by the Opposition was arguable and that he should have gone no further into the merits of the case.”

“This means that in the absence of a full trial of all the issues in the matter the statements made by Justice Ramdhani in his ruling are not binding,” the statement added.

The matter has been remitted to the High Court to be heard by a different Judge.

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