No drones stationed in Curacao or Aruba, says US consulate

By Caribbean News Now contributor

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao — In response to a request for comment about recent claims of drones being stationed in Curacao and Aruba that could be used to attack Venezuela and other countries in South America, the US Consulate in Curacao has denied the reports.

“The mission of the forward operating locations (FOL) on Curacao and Aruba is to provide the US and partner nations a location to fly from to identify and track drug-trafficking aircraft and ocean vessels.

No remotely piloted aircraft or drones — US or otherwise — have been hosted at either the Curacao or Aruba FOL,” the consulate told the Curacao Chronicle.

Former Venezuelan vice president, Jose Vicente Rangel, has warned of a possible US drone attack, stating that the drones had entered Venezuelan airspace.

According to Rangel, these maneuvers are part of a conspiracy to attack Venezuela and other South American countries.

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