NTU Leadership Training Workshop expected to inspire quality teaching

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (October 4, 2013)– The Nevis Teachers’ Union (NTU) on October 3, 2013, hosted yet another successful One-Day Training Workshop in an effort to improve the quality of teaching in the island’s schools.

A section of the participants in the Nevis Teachers’ Union One-Day Training Workshop held on October 3, 2013 at the Red Cross Conference Centre
A section of the participants in the Nevis Teachers’ Union One-Day Training Workshop held on October 3, 2013 at the Red Cross Conference Centre

With a focus on the theme “A Call for Teachers!” the workshop attracted teachers from all of the schools on the island. The One-Day Workshop, facilitated by immediate Past President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) Mr. Clayton Hall, exposed participants to sessions in Public Speaking, Teacher Professionalism, Conflict Resolution and Grievance Procedure.

At the brief opening ceremony, NTU President Mrs. Ermelita Elliott reminded the participants not to underestimate the significant contribution that they are making to the nation.

“It is my belief that at the end of today’s educational session, you will be motivated, empowered and encouraged with this training today, which is part of our strategic plan to play an even greater and more active role in promoting our union,” she said.

Principal Education Officer Mrs. Palsy Wilkin, in her remarks, commended the NTU for hosting another workshop geared toward improving the quality of teaching on the island through leadership training.

“I must commend the Nevis Teachers’ Union for over the years providing leadership training for teachers. This, as far as I can remember, has been done for more than a decade and so I must commend the Nevis Teachers’ Union for highly recognising that in order for us to effectively face the challenges of the future, our Education System must focus on inspiring the development of quality leaders,” she said.

During her remarks, Mrs. Wilkin gave the assurance that the workshop would be beneficial to the teachers and would improve the Education System.

“I can very well remember attending one of these same workshops in 2001. An evaluation of one such workshop showed that 92 percent of the teachers who attended were desirous of having more leadership training. The Education System is the most secure conduit through which effective leadership could enter the world of work,” she stated.

The Principal Education Officer encouraged the teachers to use the workshop not only for improving the Education System but also for improving their teaching skills in their classrooms.

“Teachers, I want us to be able to begin to look at ourselves, not just as quality teachers but quality leaders, because quality leaders, it’s an overall view of leadership, under which the teacher falls, so if we can look at ourselves as leaders and try to adopt those leadership qualities and principles, then we would really be quality teachers,” she said.

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