Charlestown-Nevis—It was the brain child of the energetic Christine Smith of Fountain Village and she quickly organized a full sized committee to take care of the execution of the project.

She could not have asked for a more dynamic committee: Linell Nolan; Silvester Wallace; Millie Mills; Althea Jones; Trevor Cornelius; Olive Daniel and Ermelita Elliot

It was a fathers’ day BASH and according to Miss Smith, ‘the whole of Nevis was invited. We have food can’t done,’ she stated. The event was held at Fountain on Sunday 19th June.

In recent times, Miss Smith had organized a club comprising of the boys in the immediate surroundings from Fountain, Mount Lily and Westbury. The stated purpose of the club was basically to save the current generation of boys from the evil devices so prevalent nowadays and to keep them on the strait and narrow path.

The boys would have made various presentations at churches and other venues and on the day, they led out in a big way as they helped to coordinate the event with their energetic leader.

A brief opening ceremony was held, which was chaired by Mrs. Ermelita Elliot, with an opening prayer delivered by Pastor Theophilus Kelly.

Mrs. Ermelita Elliot also rendered an original poem of the good ole days in Fountain, Westbury and Mount Lily and highlighted many of the outstanding characters from Seamstresses; physiotherapist; local drink makers, to the very hilarious nicknames that some of the characters were known by.


Special presentations were also made to honour three of the stalwarts of the communities in focus: Wilfred Maynard- Mount Lily; Elmos Jeffers-Westbury and Evans Jeffers of Fountain.

They were awarded for their hard work and dedication towards the improvement of their various communities.

The afternoon proceeded with the buffet style serving of a sumptuous lunch, with a wide variety of drinks, served up by the boys of the club.

Entertainment was provided by the Sugar Hill String band, whose members were in their element; Wigley Daniel, crooning some familiar love tunes and the man SPOON who not only provided the sound system but sung a few tunes of his own and created much hilarity with his unique dancing style.

People came from all parts of the island, as the word spread and there was still more food coming in, up to 4 pm when this reporter left.

Christine and the Nuff TINGS BOYS Club must be heartily congratulated for this extra special fathers’ day bash.

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