Police Officers Donate Cricket Gear in True Community Spirit

Members of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force, Nevis Division, on Tuesday, March 2nd, made a meaningful donation to the Youths of Stoney Hill, in Rawlins Village.

Inspector Olanzo Carty explained that as part of the COMMUNITY POLICING efforts, as the Police Officers try to engage the members of the public, to see how best they can be of assistance and form relationships in the process, that as they passed through the area the previous week, they had healthy discussions with the residents there and even engaged in a cricket match of sorts, with the youths.

The Police, therefore, brought back gifts of wind ball bats and tennis balls, so that they can continue to enjoy the game of cricket.  The Police officers also stayed around for some time after the presentation, engaging with the youngsters and their parents.

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