Pot Ah Call Kettle Black Produces Much Hilarity

Charlestown-Nevis–It was a repeat performance and deservedly so.
The cast of the dramatic presentation, ‘pot ah call kettle black,’ once again did themselves proud as they thrilled the audience at the Nevis Performing Arts Center (NEPAC), on the evening of Saturday 8th August.
It was not the largest of audiences but the persons present were certainly put into stitches as they laughed out loud time after time, due to the obvious humour pervading throughout the presentation.
The dramatic presentation featured scenes where several individuals are caught out in a severe storm which involved much rain, thunder and lightning and coincidentally, they all ended up in a little shack seeking refuge.
As they interacted with each other, there were many revelations made and many closely guarded secrets were unearthed.
Local poet, Clayton Huggins was one of the main actors who initially was the one to highlight all of the faults and weaknesses of his companions but as the night progressed, several startling revelations were made about him, which caused him to be less verbose and critical.
Some of the other persons featured included: Esther Brookes, local playwright; Patrick ‘Daddy play’ Howell, local musician; Monique Washington, local writer; Ralph Liburd, dramatist; Kareem Herbert, Production Engineer at NEPAC and Tanisha Hendrickson, dancer.
Each individual handled his/her separate role superbly and it all worked together for a great outing for the family members present.

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