Powell: “Yes, Mark Brantley made an offer to buy TBN in Nevis.”

Deli Caines
Press Secretary to the Nevis Reformation Party(NRP)

Charlestown, Nevis- (Thursday, August 14, 2014) Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) Senator, the Hon. Carlisle Powell informed a packed Town Hall Meeting at the Barnes Ghaut Community Center on Tuesday night, that Deputy Premier, the Hon. Mark Brantley made an offer to buy the TBN studio in Nevis.

Audience at the Barnes Ghaut Community Center
Audience at the Barnes Ghaut Community Center

“You did not know that he made an offer to buy Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) studio in Nevis but I will tell you the facts. I will do more than tell you, I will read the email that was sent to TBN because just this morning, Deputy Premier, Mark Brantley put out a video on YOU TUBE of me (Carlisle Powell) expressing myself about TBN not paying taxes to the government.

Mr. Powell went on to read the email to TBN from Mark Brantley to the audience, where Brantley offered to lease or purchase the television studio outright. He also read TBN’ s response which included a refusal to lease or sell, and the notification that Andre Guilbert, a former employee has been fired from TBN but has been masquerading as a present employee of TBN. The letter explained how he had held on to the keys for the TBN building, the use of the broadcast tower and other facilities connected to the TBN studio.

Powell offered that Brantley was feeling the heat from a letter published on Caribbean news net that showed Brantley in a poor light and that Brantley was trying to distract attention from him. “When Rick Wiles and a TBN team came to Nevis some months ago, they called me, Carlisle Powell, and I met Rick Wiles and the team on the Charlestown pier and I took them to the police station. The TBN team and Wiles then went and changed the locks on the building.

Do you know who purchased the locks for the studio…Carlisle Powell. I purchased them via an account, and I received my money from TBN a few weeks later to pay the store (Chiverton’s) for the locks,” stated Powell.

He went on to state quite clearly, “With Mark posting videos on YOU TUBE about Carlisle Powell, tell him I know Rick Wiles and Wiles knows Carlisle Powell. Wiles and the people from TBN said they are not selling TBN to Mark Brantley and the Concerned Citizen Movement (CCM) to do any wickedness!”

Mr. Powell also noted that the CCM government is hiding behind the falsehood that they want to have the Nevis Government Information Service (GIS) studio at the TBN station but the real reason was to have a CCM television station. The people of TBN in California were aware of the political motives of Brantley and CCM.

“I have been sitting down on those emails for months but when CCM posted the video this morning, I said, ah ha, Mr. Sooty Byron (An executive in the NRP) I am going to let go of the horse tonight, I have one set of information on TBN and the involvement of CCM people. You have to let them take the bait then you pull the line,” said Powell.

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