Premier Brantley appeals for private sector investment to meet high housing demand on Nevis

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (August 27, 2020) — Hon. Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis and Minister of Finance, is encouraging local businesses and individuals to consider investing in the housing market on Nevis.

The premier made the appeal while responding to questions from the media, at his monthly press conference held in Cabinet Room at Pinney’s Estate on August 27, 2020.

“There’s a high demand for housing. Just to put it into context, I believe the small development in Hamilton will only be about 13 or 14 homes in that development, and I’m told they [Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation] had well over 100 applications.

“So, I appeal again to the private sector, the big companies like TDC and Horsfords and all those, that they consider the housing market in Nevis as an option for them to invest.

“TDC for example has done quite a few developments on St. Kitts. Well, Nevis people want housing too, and the people in Nevis can afford to pay for housing as well,” he said.

Premier Brantley also urged local developers to capitalize on the niche market, suggesting that they are pursuing the CBI (Citizenship By Investment) clientele while Nevisians are seeking more access to housing and are able to pay.

The premier advised that the NIA is willing to partner with local investors who are willing to construct housing developments.

“We are prepared as a government 100 per cent, to support by way of partnership, in terms of concessions, to make that viable, and so, I continue to encourage others to enter the market and provide housing for our people,” he said.


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