Railway Bar and Grill: TDC commends Development Bank for supporting projects in the rural areas

Basseterre, St. Kitts, February 21, 2018 (DBSKN) — After working hard in the year recently ended and especially taking into account following the passage of two category five hurricanes, the over 90 employees at the TDC Home and Building Depot were on Saturday February 10 treated to a ‘thank you’ party that was held at the recently opened Railway Bar and Grill in Old Road.

 Railway Bar and Grill is one of the signature projects funded through development loans disbursed by the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis (DBSKN) to entrepreneurs in the rural areas in its endeavour to have economic growth experienced by all citizens and residents of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis irrespective of where they live. 

Mr Glenville Jeffers, a Director of the St. Kitts Nevis Anguilla Trading and Development Company Limited (TDC), explained that he had visited the Railway Bar and Grill on Saturday December 16, last year, when the Verchilds High School hosted its 25th anniversary and he liked the overall ambience of the new establishment.

It then dawned on him that the co-owner of the establishment, Mr Keithroy Dyer, is a long standing client of the TDC Home and building Depot. Mr Dyer informed him that he co-owned the place with his girlfriend Ms Arlene Fyfield and that they had built it after buying all the lumber and most of the materials from TDC.

“I told him we normally have our staff Christmas party and I would recommend to the management and the staff that maybe we should try down here because it is a lovely place,” said Mr Jeffers. He sent two of his senior staff members to look at the place and when they brought back their findings, Mr Jeffers found that they too were in agreement that Railway Bar and Grill was the place to hold the party.

 Senior Manager at the TDC Home and Building Depot, Mr Leon Bass, who was one of the two officials sent to scout the establishment, had this to say: “As far as I am concerned, it is a purposely built venue. When you step in you recognise that any type of function that you want to have, you can actually have at this very lovely establishment.”

Mr Bass explained that having worked hard all year his company decided that it was time to take their staff out, as usual, to at least socialise and wind down.

“Yes we would have had different venues before, but we were wondering, where would be a nice venue this year?” posed Mr Bass. “We have our lovely client Mr Keithroy Dyer, and it was rather unanimous, it came from all voices within the department, why not try this place?”

On learning that Ms Arlene Fyfield and Mr Keithroy Dyer had been funded through the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis to accomplish their long time dreams of owning such a magnificent edifice in the rural areas of St. Kitts, Director Mr Glenville Jeffers stated that TDC and the Development Bank have in the past collaborated in promoting economic growth in the country. 

“We have been doing some collaboration with the Development Bank over the years, especially with the persons with their homes, whereby we set up several facilities whereby they are given the loan and the bank would pay us directly,” said Mr Jeffers.

“So we are very much happy with the way how the Development Bank operates and has worked with us in the past in providing the much need facility – that loan – the financing for one to do projects not only like this, it could be even your home, and that kind of thing. I am quite happy that Development Bank was able to provide that bridge so our clients could finish this wonderful place.”

The two thanked Ms Fyfield who they say was very helpful during the negotiations to have the party held at Railway Bar and Grill, and doing what she could to allow them to take part at the establishment, especially closing the establishment off to other clients on a Saturday evening.

Mr Bass told Ms Arlene Fyfield that they had a very good time and it will not be the last they would have seen of TDC at Railway Bar and Grill as they hope to return, and at the same time promised that they would recommend the venue to many of their clients.

 “We appreciate what you have done for us,” concluded Mr Bass. “Every one of the staff that I have spoken to, is wowed by the establishment, they can’t believe such a lovely establishment is in the location that it is. So with the collaboration with the Development Bank, yourself, and TDC, we have added a beautiful establishment down here in Old Road.”

When informed that a corporate client had patronised the Railway Bar and Grill, Assistant Manager in the Business Support Unit at the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis Mrs Kimmoy O’Loughlin-Burroughs expressed her satisfaction by thanking the TDC Group of Companies for supporting local entrepreneurs, especially those in the rural areas.

“We are happy to see that the Railway Bar and Grill is thriving and conducting business that has a wide appeal,” said Mrs O’Loughlin-Burroughs. “We encourage individuals, groups and enterprises to support this business, and our local entrepreneurs. I am pleased that TDC was very satisfied with the venue and service. This is a unique, historic, refreshing and well equipped venue to host any event.”



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