Rawlins Community to Host Grand Fun Day for Gingerama

PRO of the newly formed Rawlins Sports and Community club, Michael WISE Herbert, has indicated that the club will commence its outreach activities, with a grand fun day, this coming Sunday-1st December.

The event will be held at the Hardtimes playing field and will commence at 11 am with a series of children’s activities.

These will include the bouncing castle and a number of games, organized by Miss Shauna Smithen.

For the older community members, there will be dominoes, draft and a beer drinking competition later in the afternoon.
However, the highlight of the day, will be a 10 overs per side Cricket match, between arch rivals GT United and tape ball champions, the Rawlins team.

The winning team will get a cash prize donated by Carl COOLER Jones.
The executive for the Rawlins Sports and Community Club is as follows:
Micah Ricaldo Williams-President; Michael Herbert –PRO; Ali freeman –Treasurer; Kareema Mills-Secretary.
Floor members include: Jelani Manners and Orville PAPER Hendrickson.

The club will also host the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony, scheduled for Rawlins Village on 21st December.

All of the cricketers from the winning Rawlins team, will assist in the lighting of the tree and will receive medals and certificates.
Following the tree lighting ceremony, Herbert indicated that the Rawlins community will host the biggest party in Nevis and is asking anyone who wants to make a donation to the said party, to contact any member of the club.

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