The hype, anticipation and excitement, said it all.

The action was at the ET Willet Park on Tuesday 28th February, as the Charlestown Secondary School, held its annual Sports day, under the distinguished patronage of former ace sprinter, LaToya Jones.

Scheduled to commence at 1pm, the meet did not get on the way until minutes to 3 pm. However, it was indeed worth the wait as the battle lines were well and truly drawn between some of the established athletes and others who were seeking their day of fame.

Match ups between young Farrell and Ta’J Liburd; young Miss Perkins and Selene or Austin Bart and young Wallace, all received vociferous attention.

The athletes were cheered on, every inch of the way and the cheer leaders and the costumes were also out, with the ETW covered in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Some of the records broken on the day were:

400 meters

Class D-LaMya Pollard –red

Class 4-Akadiante Willet-Green

Class 3-Datriel Stanley-Gold

1200 meters

Class D-Astra Simmond-Gold

Class 4-Alexander Caines-Gold

Class c-Allysa Thompson-Red

1500 meters

Class two-Austin Bart-Red

100 meters

Class 4- Jule Scarborough-blue

4X100 meters

Class 4- Green house

800 meters

Class D-Astra Simmond-Gold

Class 4-Alexander Caines –gold

200 meters

Class D-Sidondre Flemming-green

Class 4-Jule Scarborough –blue

The final points standings were:

Green House-champions—385 points

Red house -348

Gold house 295

Blue house -255

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