Carnival Safety Tips For Parents And Guardians

For the Carnival activities that are stated to take place, The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force takes this opportunity to advise parents and guardians to continue the responsibility of protection for their minors. You are therefore asked to be mindful of the following:

Ensure that cooked, fried, baked and barbecue foods are bought from certified persons.

Children are kept at safe distance from trailers and trucks that are transporting bands.

Minors are not to be left alone at home while parents and guardians are out partying. This is an offence and will be taken very seriously.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to stay a safe distance from loud music with babies and toddlers. Person seen with babies and toddlers in the crowd of revellers will be removed by members of the security forces.

Exposing these very children to such loud noise can impaired their hearing. This will amount to endangering the lives of the children, which is an offence.

With the initiative to prevent crime and keep all residents and visitors safe, especially our children, we would like to encourage the general public to adhere to the Safety Tips for parents and guardians. Commissioner C G Walwyn, on behalf of The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force would like to wish visitors and residents Happy Holidays and to enjoy the Carnival season responsibly.

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