Sam Condor’s pledge to the people of Constituency #3 (West Basseterre)

Basseterre, St. Kitts – -Hon. Sam Condor has served the people of West Basseterre constituency with a sterling record of accomplishments since becoming a Minister of Government in 1995. He was not only the leader of Government business in Parliament but also served as Deputy Prime Minister up to his resignation in 2013.

Among the many accomplishments, SAM as we affectionately know him, has impacted significantly on the empowerment of the people through lands and housing distributions and other development projects; and this is evident across the entire constituency, transforming the area. SHADWELL, BUCKLEYS, WEST FARM, TRINITY, BAYVIEW and OCEAN GARDENS are some of these areas.

Hon. Sam Condor pledges to continue to develop the areas he serves once re-elected to Parliament after the next general elections on 16th February, 2015. ‘Uncle Sam’ pledges the following to his constituents:

Quality of life:
My focus will be on improving the quality of life for my constituents and for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis as a whole. Therefore my focus will be providing meaningful employment at a “livable” wage, free preschool education, improved access to proper health care, a wide range of services for the elderly; and more.

A proactive housing development and land distribution program is vital to our people. Thus the panoramic slopes of Olivees and West Farm have been earmarked as two sites for affordable housing for members of Constituency #3.

Local Business:
I undertake to foster local investment and entrepreneurship through a number of government incentives and tax breaks and to provide training and support to young entrepreneurs endeavouring to start and grow a business.

Sports and Recreation:
I am committed to the development of sporting and recreational facilities for the holistic development of young people in West Basseterre. Therefore modern sporting complexes will be established in the Shadwell Estate and West Farm area. Furthermore a recreational park/zone will be established in order provide a safe and tranquil environment for our young and young at heart. Finally the Lime Kiln play field will be upgraded to accommodate major sporting and recreational events.

Former Sugar Workers:
I fully support the decision of Team Unity to review the severance package paid to sugar workers and will work to redress this injustice.

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