Saving Water Should Become a Lifestyle Change

Basseterre, St. Kitts, March 05, 2013 (SKNIS): St. Kitts Water Services Manager and Water Engineer Crowell Williams is urging residents of the Federation to make a lifestyle change in the way in which water used.

During an SKNIS exclusive interview, he noted that it is assumed that the local water supply is limitless.

I think it begins with a mindset and attitude because I can give you 10 ways in which you could conserve but if you really don’t believe within yourself that we are in an environment, a country of limited resource, of scarce supply, then it wouldn’t matter,”  Mr. Williams stated.  “So yes, people are always quick to say – how can I conserve water – but I want people to understand first that they must believe … that we do have a very real need or scarcity situation that we need to address.”

Mr. Williams emphasized that while this philosophy should be adopted throughout the year, it should be applied at this time in particular.

We’re not getting any rainfall, so-to-speak, right now, and we have some other mechanical challenges that we’re facing right now and so we cannot over-emphasize the need for persons to conserve water,” Mr. Williams emphasized.  “It’s just about being aware of how you are using water.”

The Water Manager gave an example of a lifestyle change.

It’s about monitoring – for instance not letting children play with the water,”  Mr. Williams explained.  “Sometimes I presume some persons send their children to have a shower and they just leave them unsupervised – so they may be in the shower some five to 10 minutes just running the water because they are not thinking.  They are not aware that – water is scarce.”

An analogy was drawn with another scarce resource, specifically natural gas.  Mr. Williams noted that in the same way that if it is heard that the petrol boat would be later than it’s regular schedule, residents would forego certain vehicle trips.  Likewise if it is acknowledged that water is scarce certain activities should be curtailed as well.  This could include watering plants for half of the time in which it is usually carried out.

It’s about using less,”  Mr. Williams emphasized.  “Every way you use water, just use less and we’ll be much better off as a country.”

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