Scarborough Returns Unopposed

By: Curtis Morton

Keith ‘Dis N’ Dat’ Scarborough has been returned unopposed as the President of the Nevis Cricket Association.

This was achieved on Wednesday night-8th January, as the third attempt at hosting the annual general meeting of the Association, finally proved successful.

The meeting was ably chaired by former Nevis and LICA President, Carlisle Powell and there were a total of 15 votes available at the Nevis Credit Union Conference Room.

At the end of the voting process, the following persons were elected to serve the NCA for this year:

President-Keith Scarborough
Vice President-Carl Tuckett
Secretary-Mentrice Arthurton
Treasurer—Stascius Wallace
Asst. Secretary/Treasurer-Brian Dyer

Management committee: Gerard Charles; Oscar Browne; Ellison Smithen; Patrick Newton; and Carlisle Powell

Selectors: Sylvester Browne- Chairperson; Carl Tuckett; Brian Dyer; and Patrick Newton

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