Shekhinah Dance Theatre Excels Once Again

Charlestown-Nevis-Under the dynamic theme ‘I’m anointed for battle,’ the Shekhinah Dance Theatre hosted its annual dance production on two separate evenings—Friday 12th and Saturday 13th July.
Both evenings attracted huge and appreciative crowds.
The national anthem featured the little stars, waving their national flags and the prayer was done by Mario Phillip.
Thereafter, the exciting presentation was divided into three acts:
Act one: The preparation
Ac two: The Battle
Act three: Victory
Featuring intermittently were the Stars; Moon; Sun and juniors and the adults/tutors.
These are the categories of dancers, based on age group and ability.
All served to wow the audience with their moves to some very popular gospel songs.
The dances were interspersed with renditions by some of the top gospel singers on the island. These included Alison Dore-Arthurton; Venelle Powell and Delarno FRESH Parris.
There was also a scintillating performance on drums by Ras Binghi and company.
The program ran smoothly, without the use of a master of ceremonies and the appropriate lighting for each dance, was well executed.
By the time the entire dance group came on stage for the grand finale, entitled ‘Curtain call-Blessings,’ the audience burst into rapturous applause.
Despite her ongoing illness, leader of the group, Mrs. Tamecia Lestrade, did her thing in style.
She was a class act, as per usual.

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