Charlestown-Nevis–Sunday June 19th is fathers’ day and the Single parents’ group of the Social Services Department, is making sure that the men on Nevis are not left out.

For the recent mothers’ day appreciation, the group hosted a grand raffle of a cake, which was won by Melissa Seabrookes.

Coordinator of the group, Mrs. Grace Manners pointed out that a raffle which was drawn at the Memorial square on Thursday 16th June, was organized as a fund raiser for the group but made the point that the men are important and they will not be left out.

Miss Lydia Lawrence explained that the Social Services single parents group has been in existence for the past twelve years and would have made many donations to help needy persons within the community.

Every year the group gives two scholarship awards to two children of at the Primary schools.

They also hosts the occasional fund raisers such as lunches, raffles, and caroling at Christmas time.

It’s an all-women’s group for the time being and so she made an appeal for single fathers to become a part of the group.

She also noted that the group also coordinates skills classes to enhance the development of its members. The members are also assisted with qualifying academically and arrangements are made for those interested, to complete courses in Information Technology, Accounting and other subject areas.

Vanessa Tavares gave the information on the winning prizes:

1st prize—Dinner for two at Nisbett’s Plantation Inn

2nd prize-Lunch at Lime Beach bar

3rd prize-Food voucher from Best Buy Supermarket

Miss Yolander Smithen then had the honour of shaking the box with the names and the following winners were identified:

1st prize-Kevin Chapman of Bath Village

2nd prize—Jacinth Hewitt of Stoney Grove

3rd prize-CHEVY Chiverton

Miss Vanessa Tavares then gave some basic information highlighting the goods and services provided by the three sponsors: Nisbett’s Plantation Inn; Lime Beach bar and Best Buy Supermarket and used the opportunity to beseech the general public to patronize the three establishments.

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