St Kitts Music Festival Is Committed To Providing Avenues for Local Artists

Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 09, 2016 (SKNIS): The St. Kitts Music Festival Committee remains committed to providing avenues for local artists to showcase their talent.

Mr. Alistair Williams, Executive Director of the Music Festival in the Tourism Events Unit, told the audience of the Government’s radio and television programme “Working for You”, that while the initial aim of the festival was not to promote local artists, the festival has in the past, and will continue to provide an avenue to showcase local talent.

“We felt that we have an obligation to promote our local artists because there are quite a few of them here on the island and they have produced some phenomenal stuff.”

Mr. Williams indicated that over the years the local artists have put on some spectacular performances.

“They have lived up to every expectation. They have punched above their weight in terms of performing on the same stage with their colleagues from the region and even internationally,” adding, “I am particularly proud of the level at which they have performed over the years.”

Mr. Williams explained that it is the hope of the committee to “ensure that our local artists are well positioned and could walk away from the festival if nothing else learning something extra about the business and so on.”

He further stated, “I always tell the artists to think of the music festival as a stepping stone to greater things because you never know who is in the audience.”

The St. Kitts Music Festival Committee has also provided other opportunities for artists to improve their craft by offering developmental/empowerment workshops.

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