Team Unity Pledges Jobs, Education, Scholarships And New and Improved Sports Facilities To The Young People Of St Kitts And Nevis

Basketball, Netball , Volleyball and other disciplines to immediately benefit from Team UNITY’s Commitment to New and Improved Sporting Facilities

Basseterre, St.Kitts (TUCOM-Jan 7th 2015):- The historic Team UNITY Government’s commitment to sport and local communities was underpinned during the New Year’s Address of Leader the Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris . Dr. Harris committed to the improvement of sports facilities throughout the island. The commitment also includes the pursuance of construction of new Facilities for Basketball , VolleyBall, Netball and Tennis
Dr. Harris in his address said “You must know that in 2015 it will be a new beginning for you and your families and a new beginning in St. Kitts and Nevis. This new beginning will provide our youth with new and improved beautiful sporting facilities. “

timmyDuring the 80’s a renaissance in Sports Infrastructure took place with the construction of Sporting Grounds and Facilities in almost every community on the islands. Many of these grounds and facilities have fallen into disrepair due to the lack of leadership and disregard for our young people by the current administration. Team UNITY wants the young people of St.Kitts-Nevis to know that they are priority in this administration . We know they are in need of Jobs, Education, Scholarships and Opportunities and we will provide that for them.
The development of Many sports and athletes have been seriously stifled because of inadequate facilities. Basketball in particular along with Netball, Volleyball and Tennis have all suffered due to the lack of modern indoor facilities . The new and improved facilities are good for tourism, economic development and job creation. These are core ingredients of the Team UNITY Prosperity Agenda.

Dr Harris continues by saying “Many sporting facilities around the islands are in a deplorable state, a development that does not augur well for sports development. The notion of taking sports as an extracurricular activity in schools should be stopped and sports should be placed where it belongs by putting it at par with academic activities. It should be time tabled and a rigorous training plan put in place. Athletes should be motivated and it starts with ideal well maintained training and sporting facilities. Sports development is an integral part of our Prosperity Agenda. Our people must be prosperous physically, mentally and socially. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation .”

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