The Way I See It

The way I see it, every single day; every single week brings its own degree of stresses
Now what I have discovered is that it is how you manage the stress or the STRESSOR (if there is such a word), that will determine how your day goes after that. By that I mean, whether you have a bad day; a good day or a really great day.

One philosopher stated that NOBODY can spoil your day—unless you let them.
I thought about that long and hard and I think I am understanding where he is coming from.
When someone says something negative to you or does something offensive to you, it is the way you respond that will determine how your day goes after that.

For example, one day I was at a public office with the sole purpose of paying a bill. Enter an obviously irate gentleman who must have had some issues somewhere else before he got there.
Soon, he was involved in a not so nice conversation with the young lady at the desk. I say CONVERSATION loosely, because the young lady to her credit, said nothing !
His tone was insulting and abusive. He was cursing the institution that she represented but she was the one getting the ‘message.’

Sadly, he was encouraged to prolong his awful behaviour, because, one or two of the other customers, sniggered, so I believe he assumed that that was his license to ‘give her some more.’
All the while, the young lady remained steadfastly positioned at her desk, but I observed that she was writing.
I thought to myself that she was making notes for a report for her boss and I thought that that was quite astute.
When the offensive man left and most of the customers were gone, I quietly commended the girl for not responding in kind and I did state then: ‘Yes, every now and again, you will be confronted with one or two idiots?’
‘How did you manage to keep your cool though and what were you there writing?’ I queried.
For once, she managed a smile and slowly tore up the paper that she was writing on.
Her response shocked me:

“I was writing all the bad words I so wanted to give him!’
Well, that is certainly not what I am recommending to you dear reader, but it just helps to bear out the point that there are ways of dealing with issues and problems and situations. You don’t have to go down the road of breaking the law; committing suicide or anything of the like.
I recommend highly ‘telling it to Jesus’ and eventually, in his time, he will surely work things out for you.
You just have to hold on long enough…..
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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