The Way I See It

By:Curtis Morton

The way I see it, funerals are happening too fast for my liking.
Just this week, I saw what I consider to be an amazing sight.
Two new limousine type hearses, passed me, heading towards Gingerland, while I was on my way to work. Later that same day, I saw them parked in the vicinity of Elliot’s funeral home.
Now, I say ‘new’ guardedly because well, let’s say they are new to Nevis.
But that is not my problem.
Now I was never really any good at Mathematics, but here is my concern:
The fact that BLACKIE has acquired two new hearses, could only add up to one thing: Business good! You get it?
He did not acquire one, which may have added up to the same thing, but two! It means that business plenty good!
Well I newa!
It was just the other day, I made mention to somebody that I had not seen a particular gentleman for some time now and the person brazenly asked me: ‘Whey you live?’
The man had died and was already buried, some weeks ago.
Boy, I really can’t keep up.
You ever notice as well, that most of the business places that you know, usually advertise, but have you ever heard an ad from Hunkins’ Funeral home of Elliot’s?
I doubt that very much.
Big TDC advertise and give discounts; Horsfords advertise…most businesses that are worth their salt advertise.
Why you think, funeral homes do not advertise?
They don’t need to—business good!
By the way, I have been involved in preparing ads for several companies and I am always fascinated in knowing what an ad for a funeral home would sound like:
Maybe it would go something like this:
‘Bring your dead loved ones to Morton’s funeral home. Here they will be well taken care of and we will relieve you of the many stresses involved in dealing with a funeral service.
Your loved ones will receive a limo ride in style to the church of your choice and we will maintain a professional service approach at all times.
Don’t worry about the cost. Your loved ones certainly won’t be.
Morton’s funeral care—your one Funeral home of choice while you grieve.’
Hey, on a more serious note: Death is closer than we may think. We can all ‘pop off’ in an instant. So it augers well for us to seek a close walk with God; seek forgiveness of sins and walk in his ways.
When it happens, may we all be prepared to go to heaven with him because no expensive coffin and impressive funeral service, is going to save us.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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