The Way I See It

The way I see it, something needs to be done URGENTLY about the waiting lines at some of our institutions.
It was on Wednesday of this week that I had occasion to visit my favourite financial institution-The Nevis Cooperative Credit Union. The line was long but was moving fairly quickly, so I remained there and waited my turn.
When the guy who was at the head of the line moved forward towards the Teller, a woman appeared and made the move towards the Teller.
She stated quite bluntly: “I am in front of you. I was sitting in the chair waiting!”
The fellow, who I know as being normally very quiet, suddenly took on a totally different demeanor. He refused to back down. He stated: “I was here first. I saw you come in the door!’
Well I newa!
I waited with baited breath, waiting for round one to start but eventually, the lady backed down: ‘Okay, I know I am in front of you but tek di space if that would mek you feel better!”
Now if it was me, I would have said: ‘Okay tek di space,’ cause me aint like to keep show, but not this fellow. He moved forward and took the space, with his face set like ten rat traps!
After the exchange, persons in the line offered several suggestions:
• Move out all of the chairs. Someone however said that the chairs must be left for the seniors
• Put a ticketing system in place. When you come in, you get a ticket with a number and wait your turn, as called by the Teller
• Get a referee on standby, cause one day there must be a fight
• Get rid of the suggestion box cause it’s not working
You would think that the drama was ended. It was not more than ten minutes later, that a similar thing happened. Another lady moved in front of a guy at the head of the line and he too refused to back down initially, but I guess after all of the initial drama, he went back and allowed her to proceed, but his face was set like steel. He did not utter another word, until he got to the Teller.
I went to another favourite institution of mine-Bank of Nevis, shortly after, to conduct some business and as I mentioned what had just transpired to Simeon Prentice, we both made the observation that Bank of Nevis did not have any chairs nearby the long line.
So do they not cater for old people—sorry, SENIORS?
We came to the conclusion that the fact that the chairs were absent, was not a mere coincidence. It was a deliberate ploy to avoid such confusion.
Maybe the Nevis Credit Union can follow suit.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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