By:Curtis Morton

The way I see it, the Postal Service and all of the tremendous workers there need to be specially congratulated.

We live in an age of computers, the internet and emails.  I grew up in an era of SNAIL MAILS; no computers; no internet.

It seems like such a long time ago….

I remember when I was studying in St.Lucia, I wrote letters regularly and with phone calls so expensive, I was only able to call home on an average, once per month but looked forward to letters from home in the interim.

A letter then was a precious commodity. Especially those from my Mom, which gave me all of the juicy updates at home base.

Or it could have been a long awaited letter from my cousin and friend Lewis Newton, who was studying in Jamaica and kept me updated on his very successful cricket season there. I especially loved to read those details about his half centuries against teams with players of the caliber of Courtney Walsh and company.

But those letters were long in coming.

I remember, one day I had just received my stipend and I made a few parcels with the money and sat down to write a long letter to my mother, with numerous instructions.

A certain amount of money was to go towards the payment on my house which I was planning to buy; a certain amount was for her and my dad….and some other minor necessities were also included.

Each instruction had a specific amount of money assigned.

Several weeks later, I received a letter from my Mom and discovered that my letter was also included.

She had received the letter but was very confused.

The amount of money received was a far cry from what I had sent but was correct based on the insertions, which were now, all blurry, as they had been obviously changed.

It did not take a Rocket Scientist to figure it out:

Somebody within the Postal Service had opened the letter and changed all of the monetary amounts to lesser figures and left back that amount of money in the letter!

Well I newa!

I could not believe that someone would go through such great pains to TIEF!

When I finally corresponded with my Mom, she could find the lighter side of the situation, by remarking that ‘at least they left something.’

Generally, though, the workers at the Postal Services are great people and ought to be commended for their tremendous work.

Even though we don’t write as many letters now and my personal mail box is mainly used as a BILLS DEPOSITORY, we have to salute all of the workers of that long serving institution.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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