The Word of Life Gospel Explosion

The WORD OF LIFE GOSPEL EXPLOSION goes into week three starting on Sunday 25th August

The action continues under the big white tent situated at Beach Road.

The general public is cordially invited to be a part of the wonderful singing; the many quizzes and surprises and the inspirational sermons presented by the man of God, the dynamic Pastor Jerry Languedoc.
Here are his upcoming topics:

Sunday August 25

In the garden of Eden two girls grew! who and who?

Monday August 2

Outrageous Commitment

Tuesday August 27

Death in the kitchen

Wednesday August 28

Satan’s masterpiece of deception

Thursday August 29


Friday August 30

The father did not, the son would not, the disciples could not, then who did?

Services commence nightly at 7.15 pm and transportation is provided from all parts of the island

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