Up Close & Personal with the 2013 Miss Culture Swim Wear Contestants Contestant # 5- Ulinda Warner

1. What is your name and age, and where do you presently reside?

– Ms. Ulinda Warner, 23 yrs old, currently residing in the historic village of Bath.

2. Name all institutions where you’ve attained your education, from Pre School up.

– Charlestown Pre-School, Charlestown Secondary School, Nevis Sixth Form College

Ulinda Warner
Ulinda Warner

3. How would you describe yourself?

– Beautiful, intelligent, unique, and amiable are just a few words I use to describe myself.

4. What is the one thing about you that you like best and why?
– My tendency to “dream a lot”…… It draws a lot of attention from others because they find it to be very mysterious. 😉

5. Outline the things you enjoy doing during your leisure time.

-I enjoy relaxing, spending time with my family and listening to music.

6. What is your present occupation and are you enjoying it?

– Presently I am employed at NHLDC as an accounts clerk/cashier. Even though hectic and stressful at times, every day I learn and experience new things that is why I enjoy the work I do.

7. Are you presently involved / or were involved in any community groups, sports clubs, modelling agencies, red cross or such like? If so, what benefits do you get from this?

– Yes, free entry into events that were taking part in, travelled to various countries. It also gave a feeling of belonging, being a part of a group of people, who eventually become ‘family.’

8. If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?
– I would have been more outspoken.

9. Name one person other than your parents, who has had the most influence on your life. Why?

-The late great Mrs Maureen Adams, why u ask?  simply because she was the most strong, selfless and influential person I knew, she brought joy to any and every one around her.
She was my Social Studies teacher, and she made me believe that any and everything is possible, with the proper approach and will power. She always gave 110% percent in all she did. That’s what I admired most about her.

10. No matter how simple it is, what would you say is your proudest personal achievement to date?

-My proudest moment was when I gave birth to my daughter.

11. Explain an embarrassing moment or situation that you remember happened to you. (ha ha ha)

-Lol lol the most embarrassing moment for me occurred at work. I signed out for my lunch, rushing to town, not realising that it was just 11:00am and not 12:00pm My co worker called me and asked me where i was going, when I replied she burst out laughing and said “ gyul weh u a go, e jus eleven” when I got back to the office everyone was there laughing lolol it was only after 11. What had happen was, that for some reason my phone was an hour ahead, OMG that was the joke of the week 

12. What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?

– My Family

13. What would you say is your life’s mantra (motto)?

-When it’s obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.- Confuscius

14. What do you value most in a relationship?

– Trust
15. Name a Song that always makes you think about a special person.

– The song “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls

16. If you could trade places with anyone in the world who would it be and why

– Singer song writer Alecia ‘Pink” Moore. I think she is such a beautiful person inside out, and she has an edge about her that I like as well.

17. If you were guaranteed honest responses to two questions by a world famous personality, whom would you question, and what would you ask?

– I would question Michelle Obama
– I would ask her how it feels to be the first lady to the first black president of America. Also, does it have any effect on her personal life in regards to her spending time with her children.

18. What was the high point of this year so far?

-Entering the Miss Culture Swimwear Pageant 2013

19. 10 years from now, what do you hope to have accomplished?

-A solid foundation in terms of personal development being a strong, respectable, independent woman.

20. Have you ever entered a pageant(s)? If so, name it/them and your position placed.

-Miss CSS House Pageant 2005
-Miss Culture Queen Pageant 2010

21. Other than wining the Miss Culture Swim Wear Contest, what do you hope to achieve by being crowned Miss Culture Swim Wear 2013?

– Self respect, and discipline

22. What do you want the judges to know about you?

– I am very determined in whatever I put my mind too, I have also represented my country (Nevis) in shows as well as in the field of sports.

23. Give three words that best describes Nevis Culturama.

-Greatest Summer Lime!!!!!!!

24. If you had one wish for Nevis’ Culturama, what would it be?

-Early preparation for the shows in terms of: early selection of contestants for each show, sponsors etc. So they will have more time to prepare for the shows, thus making it better and of a higher standard. (in my opinion, as early as 3 months after the previous shows)

25. How are preparations for the Miss Culture Swim Wear Contest going so far?

– Hectic, stressful, tiring.

26. Be truthful! How is the relationship with the other contestants?

-Very good

27. Are you enjoying working with the planning committee?

-Yes I do, they are a very cheerful and fun group.

27. Is the pageant what you imagined it to be?

-Of course not!! its far more better than what I had expected

29. From your experience so far, would you encourage other young ladies to enter the Miss Culture Swim Wear Contest? Why?

– Yes I would. It’s a fun way to meet new people, create lasting friendships, build confidence and boost self esteem. It’s also a wonderful feeling knowing that you a representative for your country.

30. Lights, Camera! Action! You are announced Miss Culture Swim Wear 2013…What would be your first reaction? (LOL)

– I really can’t say at this time, because excitement causes people to do many things. Probably break-dance. 
We want to know some of your favourite things:
31. Favourite colour: pink

32. Favourite gadget: phone

33. Favourite wardrobe item: jeans

34. Favourite TV Show: Wayans Brothers

35. Favourite local food:

-saltfish, coconut Johnny cake/dumpling, mash green banana and ground provisions.

36. Favourite local song: King Elemat ‘think it over’

37. Favourite local band: Ultra sonic and Ultimate bands

38. Favourite time period of the day: Lunch Time

39. Favourite place to be: My happy place

40. Favourite body part (lol)
-My lips

Good Luck with your preparations for the show

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