Up Close & Personal with the 2013 Mr Kool Participants- Halva Browne

1.What is your name and age, and where do you presently reside?
My name is Halva Joseph Browne. i am at the age of 24 years old born on 4th September 1988 I presently resides at Nevis Montpelier Estate.

2. Name all institutions where you’ve attained your education, from Pre School up.
I first attended the Salvation Army Pre-school, I then went on to the Newtown Primary School now renamed the Tucker Clarke Primary School. After graduating, I went on to the Washington Archibald High School. Thus ending my school life.

Halva Browne
Halva Browne

3. How would you describe yourself?
There are many words to describe me, the most that stands out namely are MOTIVATED, AMBITIOUS, PASSIONATE, SENSETIVE , WARM AND FRIENDLY, OPEN MINDED and VERY RESPECTFUL,LOYAL and i also have a great sense of humor and i am a excellent Team player .

4. What is the one thing about you that makes you kool? There are many things that make me kool but my best would be Originality is what makes me Kool.

5. Outline the things you enjoy doing during your leisure time.
I am very much addicted to Social Networking such as Facebook, Instagram .These are my most important ones so far

6. What is your present occupation and are you enjoying it?
I am presently employed at the Montpelier Plantation Inn as a Line Cook .I am having a blast learning new cuisines from my Executive Chef. Mr Benjamin Voisin there never a Dull moment doing something that you love .

7. Are you presently involved / or were involved in any community groups, sports clubs, modelling agencies, red cross or such like? If so, what benefits do you get from this?
I am a part of the Identity Modeling Agency .The benefits I have received are being respectful but also Accepting people of all walks of life no matter what or who they may be. Also I have learnt confidence, modeling skills, the knowledge of the art form and how to market myself in the industry.

8. If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?
There is nothing I would want to change for everything that happened, happened for a reason. That has made me who I am today and Made me value my life even more .

9. Name one person other than your parents, who has had the most influence on your life. Why?
The person who had the most influence on my life was my fifth grade teacher Mrs.Payne. She was the rock that kept me striving and believing in myself. Her hard work and determination to see me reach to the top kept me from straying, may her soul rest in peace .

10. No matter how simple it is, what would you say is your proudest personal achievement to date?
Changing few things in my life , being able to help my family and working at Montpelier Plantation Inn has been my proudest achievements this far

11. Explain an embarrassing moment or situation that you remember happened to you. (LOL)
sigh …… It will have to be passing gas at a job interview. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but then tried to play it off by pretending that the smell was coming from the outside .

12. What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?
I will have to say my life but also some one hiding my phone

13. What would you say is your life’s mantra (motto)?
Always Stand Out, Don’t Ever Blend In.

14. What do you value most in a relationship?
Trust is the number 1 thing I value most in a relationship along with faith.with out both there is nothing to hold on too .

15. Name a Song that always makes you think about a special person.
My choice will be Twisted by Keith Sweat.that song always takes me back to that time and place of that special person.

16. If you could trade places with anyone in the world who would it be and why?
I am very comfortable with my life. I always believe in walking in my own shoes but i would love to trade places with Usher for his amazing, talent which are singing and dancing plus he gotta way with the lady’s

17. If you were guaranteed honest responses to two questions by a world famous personality, whom would you question, and what would you ask?
Chris brown. (1) Why did beat on Rihinna ? (2) How challenging is it being for him the music industry after this drama .

18. What was the high point of this year so far?
One of the most highest point for me other than life it self .It’s being accepted to participate in this year Mr.Kool Competition

19. 10 years from now, what do you hope to have accomplished?
I would have hoped to further my studies in the Culinary Arts and become an executive Chef also dreams of opening my own restaurant ,along be coming a husband and a father some day

20. Have you ever entered a contest such as this one?
I have never entered in to any other shows apart from modeling

21. Other than wining the Mr. Kool Contest, what do you hope to achieve by being crowned Mr. Kool 2013? Bringing my message across and hope that it will reach the public in a Positive way and in to the minds of our youths of today

22. What do you want the judges to know about you? That my Fear brings out the best in me

23. Give three words that best describes Nevis’ Culturama. Music, revelry and Culture.

24. If you had one wish for Nevis’ Culturama, what would it be?
That the people of nevis participate more into to this year’s Festival

25. How are preparations for the Mr. Kool Contest going so far?
It has been very challenging but a great experience and rewarding feeling so far

26. How is it relating with the other participants? We are getting along very very well. Even though we are Competing Against one another we are Making friends along the way.

27. Are you enjoying working with the planning committee? Yes. They are the best team I never and a chance to work with their Full of character and very serious and passionate about what they are trying to accomplish for this year Culturama.

28. Is the contest what you imagined it to be?
I’ll have to say it more than what i have Expected really, but I am very excited and cannot wait too perform I am willing and ready to bring it and show what I have to offer.

29. From your experience so far, would you encourage other young males to enter the Mr. Kool Contest? Yes .I will encourage others to take part in this event if can i do it due to the fact that I stammer shows my bravery and confidence in myself . but not only shows any one with a disability background can also take part in this event and show their bravery and Strength

30. Lights, Camera! Action! You are announced Mr. Kool 2013…What would be your first reaction? I would be Stunned at first to hear I’ve won but really Excited to know I’ve done it.

We want to know some of your favourite things:
31. Favourite sport: There are many sports that I love but I will have to say Tennis ranks No.1

32. Favourite gadget: i am all about Apple’s Devices but my I-phone is my best one yet Nothing else comes close.

33. Favourite vehicle of choice: The popular Benz is my vehicle of choice.

34. Favourite TV Show: Criminal Minds . Are one of my most watched and favourite TV shows out of many .

35. Favourite local food: I have many favourite delights but my most favourite would have to be.Salt fish and Coconut Dumpling

36. Favourite local song: nothing beats the artist. Hi-light. with his Song – No Matter What.

37. Favourite local band: no other than the # 1 band in the world which is .The Sugar Band .

38. Favourite time period of the day: I love my early mornings is . this is my time and the best time for me working out at the the gym is just one of my favourite period .

39. Favourite place to be. Nothings beats being Home in our own sister islands St.Kitts and Nevis with family and friends

40. Favourite body part: Tricky question .Dont know how to reply to this because i have many but I’ll say my abs.

Good Luck with your preparations for the contest.

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