By:Curtis Morton

If ever there was a hard working athlete, it is Vanessa Williams of Cotton Ground in Nevis.

The outstanding long distance runner is currently preparing for the much anticipated Independence 10 k event and is working overtime to ensure that she stays on top of her game.

She has been seen running the roads of Nevis, sometimes making the entire island round in her training efforts.
In previous years, Mrs. Vernice Wattley-Blackett was the star female athlete on Nevis in terms of long distance races. Then came Miranda Fellows who dominated such races for a while but now it’s the turn of Vanessa Williams.

In the last Independence 10 k run held in 2013, she ran away from the other competing females to secure the first place trophy for females and in the process, left quite a number of the male athletes in the dust as well.
Kittitian Timoy Henry also ran away from everyone else to secure first place overall.

The big event is set for National heroes’ day-Wednesday 16th September and will commence promptly at 7.30 am in front of the Nevis Tourism office, next to the Charlestown Post office.
The relevant age categories are:
Under 13—3k
Under 18-10k
Under 30-10 k
30 years and over-10 k

Age range is pertinent up to the 31st December 2015.
Persons must register for the event but there is no registration fee. The deadline is Tuesday 15th September at 1pm. Registration can be done at the Youth and Sports department; the NAAA or at the Primary and Secondary schools.

The route: Commence in front of the Nevis Tourism Authority; along the island main road to a turnabout just past Cotton Ground for the 10 k run and as far as the bypass road for the 3k for the under 13’s.

The race will climax just opposite the Nevis Tourism Authority building.
The cash prizes and incentives include:
Under18 to 99-1st place-$500.00
2nd place-$300.00
3rd place-$100.00
Under 13
1st place-$300.00
2nd place-$200.00
3rd place-$100.00
Trophies for 1st; 2nd and 3rd placers and trophies for the oldest male and female.

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