As per usual, there was an impressive gathering of parents, grandparents, siblings and other family members at the Vern ‘N’ LlEW Preschool, on Monday 20th February.

The occasion was the annual road races hosted by the school, which featured the little athletes at the school.

Some of the parents appeared a little nervous, as they wondered how well their children would do but when the moment came, the shouts and shrieks that resounded throughout Craddock road, were reminiscent of the response to the exploits of Usain Bolt, Kim Collins or Elaine Thompson.

The children were cheered on with vigour and zest, as they raced up the track and hugged and kissed, no matter the overall placement.

Then it was the turn of the parents and they too provided quite some entertainment, as they ran in a wide variety of foot wear.

In the end, the real winner was FAMILY FUN and everyone had a good laugh and the adults present socialized briefly and went back to work.

The top results:



1st Karinique Storrod-green

2nd Cianna Clarke –orange

3rd Stevania Reid –orange


1st Adam Parris –orange

2nd Naisari Warner-green

3rd Zyjon Richardson-yellow

Four year olds


1st J’Zariah Gajor-orange

2nd Kevinique Timber –yellow

3rd Jevonique Marshall-yellow


Group one


1st Taijah Brookes-green

2nd Desonique Marshall-orange

3rd Brianna Ramnauth-yellow


1st Christopher Walters-green

2nd Jayden Clarke –orange

3rd Rayshaun Wilkenson-green

Group two

1st Kerranique Skeete-orange

2nd Janiah Mc Neil-yellow

3rd Amoliyah Ross-green

Overall points standing

Orange house 104 points

Green house 84 points

Yellow house 82 points

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