Vybz Kartel Urges Youngsters To Avoid Bleaching Their Skin

Incarcerated dancehall star promotes positivity on new track

Written by Curtis Campbell, Jamaica Star

WITH THE new school term quickly approaching, dancehall artist Vybz Kartel has released a new song urging youngsters to avoid bleaching their skin.

The incarcerated star, who once lauded ‘cake soap’ for lightening his skin, ironically tells his young fans not to follow the same path.

In the track, School, he chants: “Pull up yu pants and put it pon yu waist, and tuck in yu shirt and don’t bleach yu face, inna my days that mi a meditate, suh mi study fi di tests mi nuh procrastinate”

Aside from speaking out against bleaching in schools and advocating academic excellence, the song also cautions teenagers against drug use, violence, short uniforms and teenage pregnancy.

Fellow dancehall star Gaza Slim, who signed to the Kartel-led Portmore Empire label, told The Jamaica Star that the detractors of the deejays should put the same energy into promoting the song for its positive message, in the same way they created an uproar when he was accused of bleaching his skin.

“Now is the time all the people dem wey bash him should come out and speak up. When he does certain songs that they believe are negative, they talk about it. So when he does positive songs, like this, they should talk about it too,” Gaza Slim said.

“The song shot and it’s based on a positive message. Stay in school, pull up your pants at your waist, stop wear tight pants and don’t bleach your face,” she said.

According to Slim, School has been getting favourable attention in dancehall circles and once again proves Kartel’s relevance.

Slim said she is still praying for Kartel and hopes God will be on his side during his battle with the law.

“I have a new song coming out with him soon. So all fans can look out for that. My boss is the greatest and nobody can replace him,” she said.

She also encouraged children who listen to Kartel’s music to follow the instructions in School and put their education first.

“So, kids who look up to Vybz Kartel, you should follow his footsteps because you hear him sey him never get less than 98 per cent in school. So you must try to get 100 per cent, and if you can’t get that, don’t go below the 98, because Vybz Kartel is a bright man,” she said.

Gaza Slim and Kartel last collaborated on Children Are Our Future. She recently completed her first album and is expected to release that project in coming weeks.

School was released by Kartel’s common-law wife Shorty on her newly formed label, Short Boss, Muzik.

Kartel was arrested and detained on two murder charges but was recently found not guilty of one.

His trial is set for November 18.

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