WICB Chief – Sir Curtly Wasn’t Fired

WICB Media Release Antigua and Barbuda

Friday, June 17, 2016
ST JOHN’S, Antigua (WICB) — CEO of the West Indies Cricket Board Michael Muirhead said that former international player and former bowling consultant to the senior men’s team, Sir Curtly Ambrose, was not sacked as previously reported by regional media.

Muirhead, speaking on Good Morning Jojo Sports Show on Wednesday, said the Antiguan worked on a tour to tour basis and his contract was simply not renewed following the successful T20 World Cup campaign.

“It came to a point where the coach felt that he wanted a technical coach in the set-up. We have 10 members in the coaching staff now and I think that was an optimal level we were at, and it was either that Sir Curtly begin coaching and if the head coach saw it fit for him to do that then that would have been fine,” he said.

“The head coach decided that he wanted someone else to deliver the coaching aspect of it, so he was not fired; he was just not re-engaged for the upcoming series,” he added.

In May, the WICB announced that the Antiguan had been replaced by former West Indies A cricketer Roderick Estwick. Estwick is also a former bowling coach with the Barbados Pride.

Sir Curtly described the news as both shocking and disappointing.

But according to Muirhead, Sir Curtly was chosen for a specific purpose.

“The team needed that motivation and we thought him, being the icon that he is, would have brought a lot to the team. It was never really envisaged at that point to be a permanent (job) for every tour (but) it evolved and he remained with the team on every tour. So it goes on a tour by tour (basis) … So after every tour, it’s the end of the assignment,” he said.

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