Youth Camp Expression Successfully Concludes

Nevispages Reporter

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- The Department of Youth and Sports Easter Camp came to an end on Friday, April 17, 2015 in the auditorium of the Charlestown Primary School.

This year the camp was held under the theme, ‘Youth Arts Expression: Let your minds flow and your talents show!’ It was deemed a success by the organizers.

The two week camp that began on April 7, 2015 saw a number of children ranging in ages from 5 to 16 years. The camp which was hosted by the Department of Youth and Sports sought to promote Youth Arts Expression in kids.

A small gathering attended the closing ceremony at the school’s auditorium to witness the participants participate in dance, drama and poetry. An exhibition of colorful and creative art work that was done by the students was also on display.

At the closing ceremony at the school, Ms. Michelle Liburd spoke on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development.

Ms. Liburd expressed the department’s earnest satisfaction with the work done at Camp Expression 2015.

This camp has been an annual event. It has provided an opportunity for a variety of experiences over the past two weeks.

During the camp the children were engaged in culinary classes with Mr. Michael Henville, sculpting with Mr. Marvin Chapman, music with Cory Tyson and Calver Lee Swanston, arts and crafts with enthusiastic volunteers and department staffs, making head pieces from costumes with friends from Antigua and field trips to places of interest.

Ms. Liburd indicated that these activities have sown seeds in the lives of the participants. According to her, if one child has learnt a skill that he/she can carry through life, if one child has learnt something that will be transformed into a vocation, a profession, or a job, then the camp has had an impact.

She further stated that if one participant has gained confidence in him or herself and has become better socialized then the camp would have been worth it.

In closing she wished and thanked everyone who made the Camp Expression a reality and a success. She thanked the coordinator Miss Zahnela Claxton and the hardworking staff at the Department of Youth and Sports. She also used the opportunity to thank the volunteers who came and assisted with the different activities.

Ms. Liburd challenged the participants to cherish their experiences, to share what they had learnt with their teachers and friends and to help build a better Nevis.

“As you prepare to return to school, I wish you a safe and productive term and to remember to let your minds flow and your talents show”, she concluded.

Other activities for Youth Month 2015 includes: April 22: Be Your Career Choice Day; April 24 Youth Rally; May 1: the launch of the Empowering Young Entrepreneurs Programme, and on May 3: Cool Down Beach Bash.

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