15 Cases Of Fish Poisoning Recorded In St. Kitts; CMO Issues Alert

Source (ZIZ News):

By: Chaïra Flanders

Consumers in St. Kitts have been advised to use extreme caution when consuming fish on the island after several cases of fish poisoning were reported to the Ministry of Health recently.

During a special NEOC briefing on Wednesday, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Hazel Laws revealed that 15 cases of fish poisoning have so far been recorded.

“15 cases of fish poisoning have been reported by the JNF General Hospital and Mary Charles Hospital during the last 5 weeks and it is significant and that’s why we are bringing it to the public’s attention”, she said.

She then listed some of the communities where persons have been affected by fish poisoning.

“Bird Rock reported 3 cases, followed by Tabernacle and Phillips’ village. 80% of the total cases presented with vomiting, 60% of the cases presented with diarrhoea and 27% of the cases presented with lethargy”, the CMO explained.

He said the last 4 cases were reported by the Mary Charles Hospital in Molineaux with similar symptoms.

Dr. Laws warned that all members of the public should be very careful when consuming fish at this time and noted the importance of knowing the source of fish that is purchased as well as the type of fish that is being consumed.

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