Charlestown, Nevis – Local Businessman, Mr. Renny Bussue, has led an endeavour to assist and show appreciation to the persons on the Nevis COVID-19 task force and other volunteers, who have been sacrificing their very lives on the front line, in the fight against the ongoing pandemic.

Mr. Bussue conceived the idea of providing lunches, for two days, to the hard-working men and women, but he did not just let it remain an idea.

He reached out to and received assistance from several other individuals and businesses, who also welcomed the idea and immediately jumped on board.  These included: Food Center; Best Buy Supermarket; Stella’s Engineering; Nevis Bakery; Daniel Arthurton’s farm; Sweet O Savoury; TDC Drinks Depot and his personal business enterprise, R&L’s Fresh Produce.

Over 175 lunches were served on the grounds of the Nevis Disaster Management Office, on Monday, April 20, and Thursday, April 23.

Mr. Bussue even went further and arranged for a group, of which he is a part, called FRIENDS, to be responsible for the setup of tents, catering and serving of the lunches.

Included in those receiving lunches, were members of the Nevis COVID-19 Task Force; Police Officers; Nurses and other staff members of the Alexandra hospital.

Mr. Bussue took the opportunity to thank all those individuals and businesses who helped to make his idea a reality and noted that it was all about giving back to the community.

Premier Mark Brantley, publicly thanked Mr. Bussue and his team, during a recent press briefing, for their significant contribution.

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