2016 Sonia Boddie Promising Youth Leader Scholarship Recipients Awarded

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 7, 2016- Staying true to her commitment to help empower the future leaders of her beloved Alma Mater, the Tabernacle Primary School, (now renamed the Edgar T. Morris Primary School), Ms. Sonia Boddie has once again brought smiles to the faces of two Grade Six students, namely Kajary Gumbs and Juanya Morrishaw, by awarding them the 2016 Sonia Boddie Promising Youth Leader Scholarship.

At a brief, but from very symbolic ceremony held at the Edgar T. Morris School on the morning of July 7th, in the presence of proud parents and teachers, Ms. Boddie presented the two successful students with their certificates and award letters. The scholarship which is valued at $500 Eastern Caribbean Dollars per child, affords two students annually an opportunity to spend the day shopping with Ms. Boddie for their school supplies, which includes, uniforms, books and other necessities. The students are also treated to lunch after shopping, at a restaurant of their choice.

In her brief marks, an excited Ms. Boddie congratulated Kajary and Juanya for being the 2016 recipients, admonished them to continue striving for excellence, as they take the next step up the academic ladder to High School and also made mention of why the initiative which is in its third year was started. She remarked, “After completing my Bachelor’s degree in 2009, I started sponsoring dictionaries for the graduation ceremony here every year for each child. However, having had the privilege to complete my educational journey up to the Masters level in 2012, through many scholarships that were offered to me by various governments, organizations and people over the years, I felt compelled to do more.

Therefore, in an effort to give back to my Alma Mater in a more substantive fashion, I decided as part of my 30th birthday celebrations in 2014, I would launch the Sonia Boddie Promising Youth Leader Scholarship. The aim of the scholarship is to assist students demonstrating academic promise, who are transitioning to High School, but who are in need of that extra financial push to commence Secondary School.” She also highlighted, that she follows the student’s progress by contacting the students, the schools and their parents, and from all accounts they are all doing well in school, which makes her very happy.

A proud mother Ms. Inez Gumbs and a very thankful grandmother Ms. Althea Morrishaw had some very kind words for Ms. Boddie. Ms. Gumbs, thanked Ms. Boddie noting, “It is a good gesture and I pray that God will continue to bless you and prosper you in every endeavor.” Ms. Gumbs in her remarks added, “Ms. Boddie I want to thank you for what you have been doing for the students over the years. I ask God to continue to bless you and strengthen you, for you to continue to do what you are doing. Some of us really cannot provide for our children as much as we would hope, so your help is greatly appreciated by us. Thank you for delivering for our children.”

The ceremony ended with remarks by Principal Ms. Kathuel Browne, who praised Ms. Boddie for her contribution. She noted, “I am extremely thankful when students from Edgar T. Morris excel and remember their Alma Mater and come back to help other students excel. We are indeed very grateful for your contribution and I wish God’s blessing on you always, as you continue to be such a great stakeholder in your community of Tabernacle.”

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