2018 Junior Street Parade Notice

ALL Parents and Guardians who have signed up their child/ward for the school troupes participating in the 2018 Culturama Junior Street Parade on Friday, August 03rd & Tuesday, August 07th, are asked to take note that practice sessions begins next week from Monday, July 16th, 2018.

The practice sessions will be as follows:-

Monday                  St. James’ Primary School (1:00pm)

VOJN Primary School (2:30pm)

Tuesday                  Gingerland Sescondary School (10:00am)

Ivor Walters Primary School (1:00pm)

Wednesday             Maude Crosse Preparatory School (10:00am)

Charlestown Secondary School (1:00pm)

Thursday                 Joycelyn Liburd Primary School (10:00am)

Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School (1:00pm)

Friday                      Charlestown Primary School (10:00am)

St. Thomas’ Primary School (1:00pm)

The sessions will continue on the same days leading up to parade day.

Please make a special effort to allow your children to participate.

All sessions will be conducted at your child’s school.


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