4 Suicides in One Day, as 200 Students Duped in Guyana University Scam

Thinking that they were being genuinely prep for travel to Guyana to pursue a medical degree with an offshore university, more than 200 young people in India are now counting their losses, and at least four of them have committed suicide, after realizing that they were actually defrauded of their money and their dreams by a bogus student recruiter and his wife.

The nightmarish experience for the students actually began more than three weeks ago, after a multitude of issues began to surface regarding the credibility of at least two of the offshore medical universities that they were enrolled into; – a factor that forced them to demand a refund from the university agents in India.

Many of the students had argued that at least the Guyana based offshore university did not have the international accreditation status that it has claimed, and that its degrees were not accepted in the United States and Canada.Read More…https://www.guyanaguardian.com/4-suicides-in-one-day-as-200-students-duped-in-guyana-university-scam/

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