Accident Report Nevis

Date Of Accident September 9th, 2023

Time (approx.) Reported Between 12pm & 12:30pm

Location [Nevis] Happy Hill Drive, Vicinity of Nevis Bakery

Vehicle(s) License # PA – 3299 P – 5151

Type Motor Car – Motor Jeep

Owner/Driver (If Not Same as Owner) Ralph Liburd of Prospect Estate, Nevis. Kishma Williams- Boddie of Prospect, Nevis.

Pedestrian(s) 0

Injuries 0

Fatalities 0

Circumstances Mr. Liburd reported at the Charlestown Police Station that both Williams-Boddie’s jeep and his car were parked on the right side of the road with his car being parked ahead.

Mr. Liburd reported that when Williams-Boddie’s jeep was exiting from the parked position, it collided with the rear bumper of his car, and did not stop.

Further inquiries are being made.

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