Adeola Moore in LIME’s $10,000.00 Winner!

Basseterre, St. Kitts June 28, 2014 – After an electrifying performance by Tessanne Chin it was a game show atmosphere on the final night of the St. Kitts Music Festival as Leslie “Suga Bowl” Morton instructed the five finalists who were randomly selected for the $10,000.00 draw; to randomly select one of five boxes, one of which had written “Congratulations You are the LUCKY winner of $10,000.00” inside.

The five finalists were:
Mrs. Denise Welsh – Bladen Housing
Ms. Catherine Williams – Central Thibou Ave (represented on the evening by Ms. CandaceBert-Browne)
Ms. Adeola Moore – Fiennes Avenue
Ms. Anita Norford – Tabernacle
Mr. Kai Morson – Taylor’s Village

A jubilant Adeola Moore jumped for joy on the realization that she was the winner of $10,000.00 in the “It Pay Use to LIME – Activate & Win” promotion. As a post-paid customer, Ms. Moore’s entry as finalist in Saturday night’s draw was secured simply by paying her post-paid bill on-time and in full, giving her the opportunity to select the
winning box.

For this event, General Manager of LIME St. Kitts & Nevis Mr. David Lake was quoted as saying, “we are extremely happy to have brought this life changing opportunity to Adeola. Giving back to customers in a big way to enable them to realise their dreams is what LIME is all about”. And what a life changing event it was, as not too long after winning, it was learnt that Adeola was very fortunate as she had recently planned to purse further studies towards a Masters Program at a cost of $11,000.00.

Mr. Lake on hearing how both family and friends had prayed for Adeola after she had told them about being selected as a finalist, agreed to present her with the additional $1,000 to cover the full cost of her educational dream, making this the prize of a lifetime.

For their part, the other four finalists namely Mr. Kai Morson, Mrs. Denise Welsh, Ms. Anita Norford and Ms. Catherine Williams all won themselves with $1,000.00 compliments LIME

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