By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-They were formerly referred to as the SECRETARIES ASSOCIATION and this came to the fore in Nevis, in 1981, under the dynamic guidance of such stalwarts as first President, Allistine Clarke;  Estella Blackett; Heather Perkins; Sonia Pemberton; Ornette Herbert; Vernice Parry and many more.

The objectives are: To elevate the standards of the secretarial and administrative profession;  to establish a register of administrative support staff; to promote and encourage closer unity among office professionals and to maintain affiliation with other organizations, with similar objectives.

Now, the nomenclature has changed and they are officially referred to as the ADMINISTRTAIVE PROFESSIONALS Association.

Charmaine Hanley and Carla Daniel were at great pains to explain the difference, in an interview conducted earlier this week.

Formerly, the emphasis was only on Secretaries and these were normally females. Now the new paradigm shift offers scope of membership to all persons employed in an Administrative position, within the office environment and these include males as well.

Both ladies indicated that the Association has been very active over the years but is currently in a state of dormancy and they are seeking to ensure that it is revived in short order.

They made an appeal for all interested Administrative professionals to seek to become members of the Association.

The procedure is fairly simple: There is a mere $5.00 registration fee and then persons can join the regular monthly meetings which are held on the last Wednesday of each month at the Gazebo located at the  Old Artesan Village. The meetings commence at 4.00 pm and the Association is appealing for someone to provide them with an official meeting place at no cost.

The Association normally acquire funds through fundraising efforts such as food sales and through the hosting of seminars and they also receive occasional sponsorship funds.

There is a huge event upcoming in the month of October and the invitation is going out to all Administrative professionals on the island, in both the public and private sectors.

A seminar will be hosted by the Association on Thursday 20th October, when the Association will partner with Ms. Eunice Nisbett of SAVVY CORPORATE PLANNERS, based in St.Kitts and will focus on the training of Administrative Professionals, in matters pertaining to their field of work.

The cost per person is $297.00 which takes care of remuneration of the Facilitator; provision of materials and a lunch.

On that same day there will be an official relaunch of the Association.

Interested persons can contact Carla Daniel at 760-6287 or Charmaine Hanley at 469-5214 or 667-6598.

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