By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—The popular religious based string band known as ‘THE ADVENT MINSTRELS has released yet another album.

The album which is entitled ‘JUST OVER THE MOUNTAIN,’ is currently available from any of the band members.

The album features twelve hymns/songs:

Just over the mountain

Love lifted me

And can it be

Ride on King Jesus

Many things about tomorrow

I know whom I believe

I need the prayers of those I love

How far from home

Just a closer walk with thee

Watchman blow the gospel trumpet

There is no disappointment in heaven

Oh the land of cloudless day

The majority of the stringed instruments used by the band, were made locally by the late Irvin (MATE) Bussue, who originated from Butler’s village.

The band members are as follows:

Guitars:  Glenis David, Eugene Hendrickson, Elroy Huggins and Ashad Hanley.

Mandolin: Elroy Huggins and Ashad Hanley.

Quatro: Jevern Hendrickson and Ashad Hanley.

Banjo: Ashad Hanley.

Shak shak: Jennifer Liburd.

Steel or Triangle: Lornette Hanley.

Bass Pipe or Baho: Samuel Blake.

Gerro: Eugene Brandy

Vocals: Lornette Hanley, Glenis David, Eugene Hendrickson, Elroy Huggins and Sevil Hanley.

Fife: Sevil Hanley.


Leader of the band, Sevil Hanley, in congratulating the band members for their sterling efforts over the years, is confident that those who listen will be truly blessed and spiritually uplifted by the music.

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