By:Curtis Morton

Premier Vance Amory, during the presentation of his 2017 budget address at the National Assembly chambers on Wednesday 30th November, pledged his Government’s commitment to providing an all-purpose weather track and field course for the people of Nevis.

As a matter of fact, Premier Amory boldly committed his administration’s vow of completing phase one of the project by April of 2017, in time for the prestigious Inter Primary track and field event-the premier sporting event on the island of Nevis.

According to Premier Amory, the project which will be done in two phases, will cost approximately eight to ten million dollars and will be located on lands at Long Point, which are already being cleared.

He also pointed out that his administration is aggressively pursuing funding for the project from the SIDF.

Phase one will include the main track, plus an eight lane 200 meters warm up track; a Football field within the running track, with necessary lighting; landscaping and fencing.

Phase two will see the construction of a grand stand for spectators; an administration building, complete with rest rooms, change rooms, gyms storage, locker rooms; medical lounge, management offices, conference rooms, media and parking areas.

Premier Amory further pointed out that such a facility would only help to ensure improved athletes’ performance and longevity; will attract greater participation at high school level; higher intensity of athletes training; sports tourism; exposure of local athletes to international talents and lasting, positive social and economic benefits to the island.


Such a facility has longed been sought after by athletic officials on the island and NAAA chief Lester Blackett has been making the clarion call for many years.

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