By:Curtis Morton

Gingerland –Nevis-The occasion was the inaugural tea party, held in honour of the seniors of Nevis, as part of the activities to celebrate older persons’ month for 2016.

It was held at the Heritage Village at Fothergills Estate on Friday 21st October, 2016.

Co-ordinator of the Seniors’ Division, Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson, chose the moment to announce the worker of the year, within her department.

She noted that for the last three years, the workers had met and selected the grand winner from amongst themselves, but this year, they insisted that she makes the judgment call and choose the top person for the award.

She pointed out that hers was a really difficult task, as there were several persons who could qualify for the award.

However, she stated that after much thought and deliberation, she came up with the name, Angela Challenger, who is a Care Giver in the Charlestown area.

She noted that Miss Challenger was a very willing worker and generally volunteers to collect the fruit baskets for persons making significant milestone birthdays in her area.

She has been working in the department since 2011 and is known to be a person who can be called on at any time to perform certain specific tasks and do so with competence.

The award to the top worker of the year was then presented by Minister Hazel Brandy –Williams, Minister responsible for Social Services on the island, who took time out to congratulate Miss Challenger on her achievement.

She opined that the award should serve to motivate the other workers to continue to excel in all of their enedeavours.

Miss Challenger seemed almost reduced to tears as she graciously accepted the award

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