Annual Christena Memorial Swim Camp Underway

Terri Andrews.

The second annual Christena Memorial swim camp, got on the way, at the Yachtsman’s Beach on Monday 18th of July.

Chief Coordinator of the SWIM TO WIN organization which is conducting the sessions, in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports, Ms. Terri Andrews, made sure to remind listeners that the camp came out of the experience some 52 years ago when the MV Christena sank and many Nevisians lost their lives, mainly because they just could not swim.

She noted that the emphasis was on teaching the children to swim at a young age so that they will have no fear of the water and actually enjoy the beautiful water that God has provided for the island.

The camp will run for two weeks, with morning and afternoon sessions, so that the 124 registered participants, can be dealt with adequately by the qualified swim instructors.

On the Thursday of each week, the children for that particular week will be given their certificates and be able to showcase their newly acquired skills.

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