Annual Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge’s Fishing Tournament -A Huge Success

A total of seven boats participated in a fishing tournament, each with a captain and two crew members. The winners of the tournament were announced as follows: Dave Mills, Kurvin France and Food won the award for catching the most fish, while Clive “Dan” Perkins, William Perkins and Tizarri Perkins secured the second position. Omarie Jeffers, Terrence Jeffers and F. J. Wallace won the third-place award. Clive “Dan” Perkins also won the award for catching the largest fish, and Elroy Mills won the Yamaha engine prize. Tizarri Perkins was recognized as the youngest fisher, while Terrence Jeffers was recognized as the oldest.

Dr-Janice Hodge expressed her sincere gratitude to all the sponsors who provided prizes for the fishers, as well as those who supported the event in other ways. She also thanked the vendors, entertainers, Easter bunny, MC, and all those who came out to enjoy their Easter Monday at Newcastle Bay, making the event a successful one.

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