Annual Fishing Tournament A Success Despite Unfavourable Weather

The Indian Castle Fisher folk Association, held its 6th annual fishing tournament on Monday 6th May.
The venue for the event was the Indian Castle bay, as per usual.
The various captains and crew members, showed up at around 5 am with the intention of pushing out to sea, but unfavourable sea conditions, forced a late start, as they wisely waited for the dangerous waves to subside.
Later, the majority of the captains opted not to venture out to sea, but the captains of COM –C and MAUDE decided to brave the conditions and got the competition going.
As the crowd thickened at the venue, sometime after 3 pm the two boats were spotted coming back in and shouts of jubilation went up, as many persons admitted praying for the safety of the brave fishermen, as the sea conditions remained generally ominous.
The boats were duly pulled in and their respective catches were duly inspected and weighed and then followed the mad rush, as dozens of persons tried to get in line to buy several pounds of the precious fish.
In the interim there was music throughout the day, provided by BLACKSTONE INT; lucky dip for the children and the vendors were out in their numbers.
Late in the afternoon, the grand announcement of the winners, was made by Minister of Sports, Hon. Eric Evelyn as follows:

Category A

COM-C 44 pounds
Maude 43 pounds

Category B
Long line fishing

Winner- ABBA -42 pounds (Prize-$750.00)

2nd place-Jermaine Browne-28 pounds

3rd place SLAMMER- 16 pounds

The evening climaxed with a grand bingo.

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