Annual Tsunami Exercise A Success

Charlestown-Nevis-The annual Tsunami exercise, held on Thursday 16th March, was deemed a success. That was the opinion of Mr. Brian Dyer, the man in charge of the Disaster Preparedness office on Nevis.

The exercise was meant to test the earthquake and tsunami operational readiness of the people of Nevis and across the region.

Dyer took time out to thank all of the persons, agencies, and stakeholders, who participated in the Caribe wave tsunami exercise.

Once the alarm was raised, persons were asked to evacuate their usual comfort zones and head to higher heights.

In Charlestown, the schools and offices in the general area headed for such areas as BUKKO Park at the top of Government Road; the Ramsbury Playing field and a station set up on the Long Point Road.

Over at the Newcastle area, Airport personnel and persons at the Nisbett’s Hotel, headed to the VOJN Playing field.

Most of the persons ran, or walked at a fast pace and were met by emergency personnel at the designated stations.


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