Charlestown-Nevis-There are a set of new faces in the Taxi Drivers arena, on the island of Nevis.

Thirty-seven beaming individuals, successfully completed the most recent Taxi training seminar which ran for the period, Monday 3rd October to Monday 10th October.

Some of the topics covered during the one week training course included: Customer service; professionalism; Nevis history; emergency response and a review of the Taxi and Tour bus ordinance.

On the final evening of the seminar, after an in-depth presentation on Social Security matters, was made by Mr. Walter Morton and this was followed by a brief closing ceremony.

The featured speaker was Mr. Carl Williams, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism who spoke on behalf of Minister of Tourism, Hon. Mark Brantley who was overseas on official duty.

He stated that he was heartened by the fact that young persons and women demonstrated an interest in taking the course.

He admonished them to be honest in their dealings and to be proud ambassadors of their island. He also urged them to become members of one of the Taxi associations on the island.

He then left the following advice for the new Taxi drivers:

“1   You are now a certified ambassador for the island.  Consequently, you are expected to ensure that all your actions, behaviours and utterings are of good repute.

2   Good customer service is critical to the success of your business.  Remember, one bad experience can ruin your chances of being a successful operator.

3   Taxi operation is a business, therefore, find every opportunity to grow.  Read, research, document and do refresher courses.  There is nothing more disheartening than a taxi operator who is unaware.

4   Always adhere to the rules and guidelines set out in the Nevis Taxi and Tour Bus Ordinance and Regulations.  This is your ultimate guideline.

5   Become involved in an association.  There is strength in unity.

6   Try to be honest in your dealings with your guests and counterparts.  Only this way we can ensure the authenticity of this profession.”

Speaking on behalf of the participants, was Mr. Michael Dore, who thanked the Ministry of Tourism for the opportunity and guidance provided during the training course.

He however used the opportunity to urge the Ministry to review some of its tax concession policies and to make it easier for new persons to enter the field.

Another participant, Mr. Malcolm Hanley, who operates a local company known as ‘Revolutionary Designs,’ also presented self-made crystal plaques to three of the organizers of the course, Lydia Lawrence; Nicole Liburd and Assistant Secretary in the Ministry, John Hanley.

The new Taxi drivers are now expected to adhere to the requirements of the Taxi and Tour bus ordinance, before they can be authorized with an official license by the Ministry of Tourism.

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