ARS confirms three cases of coronavirus in St. Barths, two in St. Martin suspected

MARIGOT–Three cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) were confirmed as positive in the Northern Islands by the Institut Pasteur Laboratory of Guadeloupe which is conducting the tests. The case involves a resident of St. Barthélemy and his visiting relatives, regional health authority ARS confirmed in a press release Sunday.

The St. Barthélemy resident is currently confined to his home and under daily surveillance. His state of health is not cause for concern. His parents are in isolation in St. Martin’s Louis-Constant Fleming hospital and are being closely monitored. Their state of health is not worrying.

Samples from people who have been in contact with them are being analysed or taken. There are, moreover, two other possible cases with a couple of residents of St. Martin who have returned from holidays in the Oise. Their test samples are currently being processed.

To date, there are no possible or confirmed cases in Guadeloupe. However, as the Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated, “the virus no longer has borders” and the potential risk of having cases anywhere in the world is very high. It should be noted that the strongest possibility of entry of the virus into Guadeloupe is from the arrival of asymptomatic people, either visiting or returning home, who will not report the infection until a few days later.

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