Assistance on the Way for Breast Cancer Patients.

Charlestown-Nevis—Women in Nevis who have lost one or both of their breasts due to having undergone a mastectomy, after being affected by breast cancer, received some good news earlier this week.
The ever hard working Mrs. Lea Parris, the founder of the Pink Lily Cancer Care Association has made a link with American based Nevisian, Miss Petula Skeete to provide specially made bras for them.
According to Miss Skeete, who incidentally left Nevis when she was only twelve years old and who is the daughter of renowned sea captain, Winston SONNY BOY Skeete, she has made contact with world famous Robin Roberts of the ‘Good morning America’ show who is a two time cancer survivor and who has connections in acquiring the bras.
Miss Skeete further indicated that the bras will come to those in need absolutely FREE OF COST and stated that they are top of the line commodities.
‘No longer will women have to be stuffing regular bras with tissue; socks and other stuff, for aesthetic purposes but these specially designed bras come uniquely filled, based on specific measurements for the women in need.
As a matter of fact, based on the demand, Miss Skeete will be attempting to provide at least three different colour bras per person: Black, white and nude.
The good news gets even better. Miss Skeete has also promised to acquire for persons affected by breast cancer, free wigs, from the same source.
‘Once you contact Mrs. Parris, she will get the numbers and relevant measurements to me and I will provide the bras and wigs free of cost. I will not even charge for the shipping cost,’ she said.
Mrs. Parris indicated that interested persons can contact her at 664-8360 and provide her with the relevant information and measurements. She stated that she will be available to assist with measurements if required.
She also gave an update as to what her Association has been doing recently in terms of fund raising and noted that the general public responded well to the urgent call for assistance for two patients: Florence and little Malachi. She however noted that although their conditions would have improved, they are still in need of financial assistance.
She also asked members of the general public to purchase her book which is geared to early childhood students called ‘Dusty Donkey.’ Proceeds from the purchase of this book will go towards assisting cancer patients. The book is available at most of the hotels on Nevis; Peachicks and Chapter one book store at a cost of $35.00 EC.
Mrs. Parris also continues to write columns for local newspapers and on line media houses, dealing with ‘difficult topics’ which are aimed at helping affected persons and their families, cope with the illness.
These topics include: Making of wills; care for cancer patients etc.

Miss Skeete also used the opportunity to invite members of the general public to come out on Sunday 27th December to a show that she is coordinating, in collaboration with other beauticians on the island and which will be held from 3 to 6 pm at the St. Paul’s Anglican Church hall. The show is dubbed ‘B-beautiful’ and will feature advice on such matters as skin care; makeup; fashion and beauty.
Both ladies will also be on hand to talk to persons about acquiring the specially designed bras and wigs.
The cover charge for the show, is only $20.00EC.

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