By:Curtis Morton

Oretha Noland sent out a clarion call on Tuesday to invite all and sundry to the upcoming Fun and action Sports meet which will feature the seniors of Nevis.
The much anticipated event is scheduled for Thursday 15th October at the ET Willett Park.
“Come out and see us in action,’ she indicated.

Some of the other seniors who were at the Park on Tuesday training for the big event, also added words of invitation.

Patron for the event, Ms Meredith Amory-Fields reminded everyone that the event which is slated to commence at 1 pm is absolutely free, even though the seniors will make a collection around the grounds, during the event.

She stated that she has been involved in similar events in other countries previously and promised that the general public would not regret attending.
She further urged everyone to show up early as the new innovative DANCE PAST, will kick start the day’s event.
‘You can’t afford to miss the dance past. It’s the first of its kind and it will be something to behold,’ she said.

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